The Danger of Forgetting

One of the great dangers for those who are following Christ is forgetting who we were and where we came from. Forgetting our own failures so often leads to an impatience with others and a reluctance to extend to them the very grace that we are so thankful for ourselves.

As leaders we have a unique responsibility to remind people of where they come from; and as uncomfortable or unpopular as that may seem, it is a necessity that we dare not neglect.

I write more about this unique leadership need here where I argue that,

“Dredging up someone’s past isn’t typically touted as a key to effective leadership, but lately I’ve been wondering if I should revisit the past with people more often.”


“…without reminding our churches of who they were before Christ, Christ’s mission to make disciples of all nations is likely to be treated as merely a spiritual exercise instead of a profoundly personal one.”*

*Excerpts from, “Perhaps We Have a Memory Problem,” previously published at EFCA Now, November 2017, Evangelical Free Church of America.