My name is Drew Leaver.  Husband to Dawn, father to two amazing kids and Lead Pastor of Northeast Bible Church on the northeast side of San Antonio, Texas.

I believe that everyone is leading someone. Whether it be family members, team members, volunteers or an entire organization chances are someone is looking to you to lead. That means it’s not a question of whether you are a leader… the better question is,How are you leading?”

That’s why this site exists. It’s a space for growth, challenge and change. And since that’s something I need as a leader what you will find here is a space for me to reflect and grow in my life and my leadership… but just the same I hope it challenges your life and leadership too.

How we live matters.

How we lead matters.

Staying fiercely focused on the mission of Jesus matters.

With any luck these conversations will help us do just that. Thanks for joining the conversation!

~ Drew


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