Return the Gifts, Your Kids are Shaped More by Memories

I’m out of the office this week making memories with my kids.

And maybe you should be too.

Why? Because I came across an alarming statistic a few months ago that said that by age 5 most kids have received a whopping 250 toys!! That’s an average of 1 a week! And just in case you haven’t connected the dots yet let me spell it out for you… kids aren’t buying those toys themselves! We are!



We often give our kids stuff because its easier than spending time with them. We work incessantly and gift giving is a great way to make up for our absence.

Or so we think.

The truth is I remember very little of what I was given as a child. Sure, a few gifts stand out but not many. What I do remember though are family moments together. The beach in the summer-time. Our Disney trip. The Toronto Zoo. Stopping for ice-cream at the same little ice-cream stand every time we travelled to the coast… and sitting outside eating together at night with nothing but the sound of the ocean in the distance. No TV. No phones. Just us.

Those family moments formed me. I think some of them might have even saved me. That’s why this year my wife and I have made more of an effort to create memories with our kids. More time with family. A few special trips. And yes, even some time at the beach.

Experiences don’t have to be expensive, but they do need to happen together!

So return the gifts… your kids are shaped more by memories anyway.


2 thoughts on “Return the Gifts, Your Kids are Shaped More by Memories

  1. My daughter is implementing that with her two children. We have scheduled a trip to our home state of KY, a trip to Washington D.C., and several camping trips in lieu of Birthday gifts!


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